For Pastors

Dear Pastors and Church Leaders,

Welcome to Focus on the Family’s Day of Dialogue® website.

You’ve probably found your way to this site because you share a heart for empowering and encouraging Christian man-carrying-bible
students who want to voluntarily speak God’s grace into the culture around them in a loving and compassionate manner.

As repeatedly stated on this website, the heart of this event is to encourage students to express the model presented by Jesus Christ in the Bible—who didn’t back away from speaking truth, but neither held back in pouring out His compassionate love for hurting and vulnerable people and defending those people from harm.

You’re probably also here because you share a concern about the flood of confusing messages teens often encounter about sexuality and identity. If they aren’t hearing about it in their schools, then they’re often hearing these messages promoted in the media or touted by their favorite movie stars and music.

Day of Dialogue—a nationwide, free-speech initiative and website for students in public schools and colleges—has two initiatives for youth that address these concerns:

Bring Your Bible to School Day: This event is launching for the first time this year on October 16!

BYB_BannerPromo_URLDid you know that students have recently been told to stop reading their Bibles during free time at school—even though students have that right? Here at Focus on the Family, we believe the Bible has a powerful message of hope and love for humanity—something that should be celebrated, not discouraged. We also believe in the cherished freedoms our Founding Fathers fought to give us.

Do you share our desire to equip the next generation to boldly exercise their religious freedom? Then you’ll love this new religious-freedom event for students: On this day, thousands of students across the nation will celebrate religious freedom and share God’s hope with classmates.

If you’d like to let the students in your congregation know about the opportunity to join this initiative, you can take the following actions:


Learn more by downloading the free student guide.  Among other items, the student guide includes: 1) easy-to-use, get-started steps, 2) fun student activities, such as videos and quizzes, 3) information on students’ legal rights, 4) tips on responding to challenges about the Bible and 5) downloadable Conversation Cards, poster designs and much more! BringYourBible_Student_Kit_Coverimage


Share the link to the guide with other church and student leaders:

bubble_dot_shape-01Make announcements from the pulpit and in youth group meetings letting students know about it & how they can sign up to participate in the Oct. 16 event at and download a free student guide.

 Post information about the event and link to the student guide  on your church websites and Facebook pages, especially those geared for youth.

Join us on Facebook and Twitter! You can also use the Bring Your Bible social media graphics to share about the event!

 Day of Dialogue in mid April: 

This event equips students (ages 13 and older) to express and have confidence in articulating their faith-based principles in a loving and Christ-centered way when encountering hot-button topics like bullying, homosexuality and identity in their schools. Below is information about the 2014 event–which also includes many helpful resources for discussing God’s design for marriage and sexuality with  teens.  These resources are updated each year.

 Download the free guide for pastors from Day of Dialogue.  The guide equips you to share Parent-Pastor Guide-2014-DISKthe event with students through: 1) downloadable PowerPoint presentations, 2) myth vs. fact explanations of students’ free speech rights and 3) videos to show youth and much more! The downloadable presentations include a look at the examples the Bible provides for engaging in redemptive dialogue with the culture around us, as well as fun student exercises based on real-life situations faced by students.

Let students know about the Day of Dialogue student guide available at the same link.

 Let your church leaders who work with youth  know about the teen-friendly articles and discussion questions  that can assist them in addressing  students’ comments and questions concerning these issues.

God bless you for your interest in sharing these events with the students and families in your congregation. Having the spiritual support of church leaders is crucial to student participants—as you know, it requires great courage in this culture of spiritual relativism to acknowledge the existence of redemptive truth. So we hope your church will surround Day of Dialogue student participants with prayer as they participate in these events!