Why We Should Stick Up for Others

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By Candi Cushman

What is our role, and responsibility, as Christians when we see others being bullied on our school campus?

What is it that stops us from standing up for others when we see cruelty happening in our hallways? Why is it so easy to walk on by like we didn’t see anything happen…or maybe even laugh along with the crowd?

The answers to these questions are crucial as bullying becomes more widespread through the Internet and cell phones—and as more students, and maybe even ourselves, are forced to deal with traumatic issues at home, like split families and various kinds of abuse and addictions. Heartbreak at home makes students even more vulnerable and isolated when they encounter bullying and harassment at school.

Speak Up & Stand Up

What You Can Do

Courage in Christ

Candi Cushman is Education Analyst for Focus on the Family and director of the Day of Dialogue Web site.



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