Heart and Soul Differences

These physical differences also impact us psychologically, relationally and spiritually. Women think, feel, communicate and relate differently than men. Many of these differences occur across cultures and across time. This doesn’t mean that one sex is better than the other or that one sex should be valued over the other. It’s true, however, that in our fallen world, many families and cultures have wrongly treated women as if they are less than men.

Nor do these distinctions mean that all women are identical or that all men are the same. There is variation within each sex, but the differences between the two sexes are greater. Each human is unique, valuable and worthy of respect.

By comparing masculinity and femininity we learn more about what these qualities are, and how they help define each other. Our masculinity and femininity are reflected first in our physical body, but then also in our character.

But when it comes to characteristics—femininity involves things like nurture, while masculinity involves attributes like protection. It is true that women can be ferociously protective of their children. And, again, there is variation in individuals. But men have typically been the ones involved in protecting their countries and families. The physical differences between the sexes help equip them for this role. And even when men provide nurture, they do so as a man, and in a different way than a woman would.

weight-lifting-1161875_960_720We watch a man and woman ice skating together, and they may perform the exact same athletic move – but they have two very different roles to play. Both are equally necessary, but they need to perform very different roles to create the overall effect and beautiful union we see displayed on the ice. Typically what is enhanced and noticed in the woman is her grace and beauty. In her male partner, we see solidity and strength.

Something similar is often reflected in male-female relationships: In general, a woman wants to be loved and told she is beautiful, while a man wants to be respected and admired. I know this is pretty radical talk in our day. But think about it, aren’t the men and women you know very different, and not interchangeable? If you want to go against the flow and challenge people, try talking about this with someone.

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