Male and Female Created in God’s Image

In the book of Genesis you have a number of separations. In creating the earth, God separates— light and dark, day and night, the sky and the earth, and water and land. When God creates the first human, He brings all the animals to Adam to be named, demonstrating that humans are separate from animals.

And then God fashions a woman from the man’s side, separating male and female. God honored humans by making us in His own image, male and female. Our word “sex” even comes from a Latin word meaning to divide or separate, showing that humanity was separated into two groups, male and female. Not only does Moses write about this in Genesis, but Jesus and the Apostle Paul quote the passage, giving witness to God’s creation of us as male and female as an essential truth. (See Genesis 1-3, Matthew 19, and Ephesians 5).

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