Parenting and Children

When a husband and wife unite in marriage and sexually, there is the very real possibility that a new life will be formed from their union. The differences in body, mind and soul mean that men and women will parent differently and will provide different things for their

A mom has the ability to model healthy femininity to her children. She can show the beauty of being a woman. In her relationship with her husband, she can demonstrate how men and women relate in different ways, and in her responses to him, she can show the value of men and masculinity. Her encircling love sets the stage for all other relationships that her child will have. Through mom, the children learn that they exist as separate and unique beings, that they are good and valuable and that they can receive love and nurture. A mom’s responses to her husband can give us an image of how we may respond to God the Father.

A dad has the capacity to model healthy masculinity to his children. In his relationship with his wife, he can demonstrate how women should be treated. And in his relationship with a child, he sets the stage for the child’s picture of how God relates to us. This capacity has power for good or bad—a father who is strong in faithfulness and love gives a good picture of how God loves us. But many people who grew up without a dad or who had a dad who was mean or abusive have a very difficult time believing that God the Father is good.

The fact is, 30 years of social research and thousands of studies demonstrate that children do best when they have a mother and a father. In addition, anthropology tells us that no human society, ancient or modern, primitive or civilized, has ever sustained itself and thrived without providing its children mothers and fathers.

The bottom line is, we cannot escape that male and female matter.

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