Physical Differences

One reason it’s important to acknowledge male and female differences is simply because sexual differences are objectively real. Physical reality matters. Try ignoring the physical reality of gravity for awhile. Or next time you approach a stoplight, ignore Newton’s law that a body in motion will tend to remain in motion. Men and women really are different. Physical reality isn’t all there is, of course, but to deny this is to live in an unreal illusion. Our male and female differences are rooted in our bodies.dna-163466_960_720

Science is finding many ways in which men and women differ. Everything from brains to retinas, from jawbones to blood cells are affected by those little chromosomes that determine if we are male or female.

Some people downplay the reproductive differences between men and women, but this distinction is also quite important. You can eat, breathe, sleep, move and think by yourself. But you can’t reproduce by yourself. The sexual union of a man and a woman is the one biological activity that we need to continue human life that requires both sexes. Even with scientific advances and assisted reproduction techniques, a man and a woman are still necessary for the process.

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