Relationships and God

When a man and woman build a relationship, they learn to connect with someone who is different – the opposite sex. Learning to negotiate the chasm between male and female is an important task, one that helps prepare us for building intimacy with the one who is very different from us – God.

In fact, God uses the picture of a husband and wife as the most important and prominent analogy of our relationship with Him. All through the Bible, marriage is the strongest picture of our connection with God. In the Old Testament, the nation of Israel is shown as an unfaithful bride, and God is the jealous husband, pursuing her out of His deep and abiding love. In the New Testament, Jesus is the groom and the church is His bride. The final book of the Bible pictures Jesus and His people coming together in a huge, wonderful wedding feast. To believe that a bride and groom are identical distorts and undermines the power of this whole picture.

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