Why Male and Female Matter

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By Jeff Johnston

Ask people today if men and women are different or how men and women are different. You’re likely to get a wide variety of responses. Some will insist that there is no difference between men and women – except for reproductive organs. Many will say that all differences between the two sexes are learned; they are a social construct. Some will question your basic premise that there are two sexes. Why limit it to only two? Others will insist that gender is fluid, that people can express hundreds of different genders, or that gender is changeable, that a man can transition into a woman.

Many people will not even know how to respond, or whether they should respond. Isn’t it sexist to say that women are different from men?

What a state of confusion we live in. While obviously we can’t delve very deeply into this topic in a short article, here are some of the things we believe about men and women and why it matters that there are two sexes.

Male and Female–Created in God’s Image

Relationships and God

Physical Differences

Heart and Soul Differences

Parenting and Children

Jeff Johnston is a gender and homosexuality analyst for Focus on the Family.


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