Conversation Starters … On Spirituality and Identity

 What do you think you base your identity on? … your self-worth on?

 What does the Bible say about what a person’s permanent, eternal identity is based on?

 What messages do we get from the culture about what we should base our identity on—what kind of messages about this do we get from music, TV, movies, etc?

 What do you think are the most powerful messages you hear that affect your actions … that impact your mind?

 In other words, what are some labels the world around us might stick on us vs. identities that God would give us in His Word?

 What do you think this Scripture verse really means?  John 10:10 says there is an enemy of our souls and a “father of lies” who comes “to steal and kill and destroy.” But it also tells us that Jesus has come so that we might have “life, and have it to the full” and that He has already defeated this enemy on our behalf.

 Let’s talk about the big picture. Is God personal? Does he really care about us personally, and our problems, hopes and dreams?

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