Finding Significance

You might logically acknowledge this truth that God created you. But in your heart of hearts, what do you really think makes you a significant or special person?

Whether we realize it or not, all of us center our self-worth and identity in something. Maybe you base it on how well-liked you think you are at school. Or maybe on how well you play a musical instrument or sport. Do you have a persona centered around the kind of club you’re in, or how you dress? It could be a million different things.

So it might help to stop and think for a moment—when do you feel you’re at your best…and when do you feel you’re at your worst? The answers might give you an idea of what you’re basing your self-worth or identity on.

bible-879086_960_720But the truth is, God doesn’t determine your worth based on any of those temporary and changing things. God bases your worth on something unchanging— His unfailing, eternal love for us. (Read Jeremiah 31:3 and Psalm 139:13-18.). So while you might change over time in your tastes or how you see yourself, God’s love for you will never change.

So why do so many people choose to live like God’s love doesn’t even exist?

Unfortunately, we live in a fallen world that is scarred and damaged by another reality talked about in the Bible—sin. The effects of sin are dramatically seen in things like war, sickness, abuse, death, poverty, hatred and our own rebellion. Sin amounts to, in essence, our turning away from the God who loves us. And we have all done that in one way or another.

Because of sin, our center – the spirit or will – becomes disconnected from God and His deep love for us. Sin affects us from the inside out. In addition to separating us from God, it can disconnect us from others and even from ourselves, so that we don’t always know the truth about ourselves.

The good news is there’s another force at work in the world that can counteract this darkness and set us free. And that’s God’s Son, Jesus.

To reconnect us with God the Father, Jesus was willing to accept the punishment for sin that should have been ours, even to the point that He sacrificed His own life for us. (Read John 3:16 and Ephesians 2:1-9).

Again, Josh McDowell does an excellent job of summarizing the bigger picture:

 “You are special … because you are of great value and worth to God. In 1 Corinthians 6, Paul said that we have been purchased with a great price. The value or worth of an object is usually determined by the price one is willing to pay to purchase or redeem it. It couldn’t be more true for you or me. When someone asks what I am worth, I can factually say that I am worth the price God paid for me, which was ‘Jesus.’

Did you ever wish that there was a true hero or a rescuer in your life? While there are people we trust and admire and who do help us, sooner or later we come to realize that they are a human, flawed person just like us.

But Jesus was a true, unflawed hero. He lived a perfect life; He never lied, cheated or stole. He always loved God and always loved other people; He even loved and forgave his enemies. And He gave us an incredible gift: He willingly died in our place, in order to bridge the separation between us and God.

Each of us has a choice, then. Will I turn from the sin that separates me from God and embrace Jesus’ incredible gift? Will I let God adopt me as His own child? Will I choose to follow Jesus, who is a wonderful teacher, mentor and model, and the Son of God? Or, will I choose to remain separated from God, doing my own thing, making my own choices and going my own direction?

When you choose to trust Jesus and learn from him, you have a new relationship with God and a new way to live. Then you are adopted into God’s family, as His child. In this new relationship, as His children, we have God’s power to receive forgiveness for our own sins and to forgive and release sins committed against us. This new connection with God can transform our thoughts and actions, including our very identity and how we think and feel about ourselves.

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