Steps You Can Take

If you’re inviting God to transform your identity, here are a few thoughts on cooperating with Him. Our first suggestion is that you invite Him in to toss out the old:

 If you carry bitterness and anger toward those who have labeled you or hurt you, begin the process of forgiving them. Release others from your judgment and anger, which opens your heart to receive good things from God.

 If you’re constantly calling yourself names in your head, such as “stupid”  or “idiot,” ask God to forgive you. Acknowledge this for what it is—the sin of self hatred.

  Take some time to pray, and ask God to reveal some of the false labels that you’ve believed. You might even make a list. Ask Him to remove those from you, maybe even see yourself nailing them to the cross.

  If this struggle continues, you might want to confide in a few safe people and invite them to pray with you.

Second, after you’ve begun throwing out the old, with God’s help, bring in the new:

 As you forgive others, invite God to forgive you for any specific sins that He brings to your attention, and ask for His help in receiving His love and forgiveness. It can be good to do this with a trusted person and have them remind you that you are truly forgiven.

 Spend some time reading Scripture and look for passages about who you are in Christ – how you are defined as a Christian and a loved creation of God. Think about the words and ask God to help you internalize them.

  As you begin thinking about yourself differently, also ask God to change your view of Him; He is so much more wonderful than we can think or imagine, and it’s important to believe the truth about Him. Also, ask Him to help change your views of other people. We must learn to see others as made in His image and deeply loved by Him.

Remember, this isn’t usually an instantaneous, one-time event. Enjoy the process of becoming intimate with your Creator and Savior. After all, with you is a loving Father who will walk with you the entire way.

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