Day of Dialogue Weekly Challenges: Share God’s Love with Classmates!

Below are several challenges that you and your friends can choose to do each week to help share God’s love at your school!  Choose a challenge below and then share your experience with us on the Day of Dialogue Facebook site or send us an email about your experience.

1)  Invite someone you and your friends don’t know very well to eat with you at lunch.

2) Invite someone who is not familiar with the Christian faith to go with you to a Christian club meeting or one of the club’s after-school activities.

3) Share a Scripture about God’s love with at least one other student today. (You can choose a Scripture from the Day of Dialogue “Favorite Scriptures” section.)

4) Offer to pray in person with a student who’s hurting this week.

5) Encourage someone by sending them a link to one of the songs featured in Day of Dialogue’s “fun stuff” section on the home page.

6) Is there a student at your school who is bullied or made fun of? Make a point to say something encouraging to them this week. Make a point to say something affirming about them in public.

7) Work with your Christian-student club to host a special event for new students and/or freshmen.  Make “welcome-to-school” packets for those who attend. Include information inviting them to attend your club and participate in other events.

8) Volunteer to help serve lunch in the cafeteria.

9) You can also volunteer to help with a special-needs student at your school.

studentwristbandboxpic10) Share with one friend/classmate how God’s love has changed your life.

11) Invite a student that you don’t know very well to go to church or your youth group meeting with you.

12) Instead of always sitting with the same group of friends at lunch, try sitting with a new group of people you don’t know very well.

13)  Invite some friends to do a “prayer walk” around your school and pray together for the students and teachers.

14)  Tell at least one person in your school that God cares about them.

15) Ask school officials if there are any ways that your Christian club can volunteer at the school—and then set a date and time after school to do it!

16) You can also ask about volunteer activities in your community (local city and church leaders might have suggestions) for your Christian club to be a part of after school. Invite friends who are not familiar with the Christian faith to go along! Note: Make sure you run your plans by your school officials and that student participants have parental permission to do the volunteer activities!

17)   Write “God Cares” on 3X5 note cards and distribute them before or after school. (Make sure you don’t distribute them in a way that interrupts classroom time or academic programs.)

18)   Share this phrase/thought from the Day of Dialogue conversation card “I believe Jesus Christ came to this earth to give his life for people like you and me” with at least one person this week.

19)   Bring up a Scripture from the Day of Dialogue “Fun Stuff” section during lunch and discuss it with friends.

20)   Volunteer to write a letter-to-the-editor for your student newspaper giving a Christian perspective on a current issue—or even sharing your personal story about how Christ has impacted your life. Here are some tips for writing the letter.

21)   Work with Christian club leaders at your school to invite a Christian speaker or local pastor to address a current issue being talked about in your school and community during lunch break or before or after school. (Be sure to check with school officials in advance on how to follow school policy for advertising the speaker.)softball-340488_960_720

22) Work with your Christian-student club and school officials to start an after-school league of pickup basketball, ultimate Frisbee, or another sport and invite nonmembers to come play. Be sure to find out if you have permission to use school facilities or need to go to the local park. If you are going to a local park be sure to inform parents beforehand of where the club meeting is!

23) You can also work with the Christian-student club at your school  and local churches to invite a Christian musician or band to play in your town. Invite friends at school to attend!

24)   Give someone a free Bible this week.

Got more ideas for weekly challenges? Email them to us for consideration!

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