Day of Dialogue Student Blog-Writing Contest!

Attention high school & college students! How’d you like to try your hand at creative writing—and have a chance at winning a NOOK Color™ tablet? If you love to blog, write and express your thoughts—and you share a heart for Day of Dialogue’s goals & principles—then this contest is for you.

What’s It All About? 

We’re looking for 150- to 450-word blogs from students that best communicate the heart and mission of Day of Dialogue® and their experience participating in the event. We’ll select 2 winners who will receive prizes (see details on prizes below). Submit entries by midnight (MT) on Wednesday, May 9.

Note: Winning blogs/writing samples may be featured on and other Focus on the Family & CitizenLink outlets.

What are the Prizes?

First prize: Winner will receive a NOOK Color ™ tablet that includes an “ultra-responsive 7-inch multi-touch screen” so you can “enjoy the ultimate reading and entertainment experience”! (see Official Rules & Guidelines for more details).

Second Prize: Winner will receive $100 worth of gift cards to one of the following restaurants/stores of the winner’s choice:

-The Cheesecake Factory

-Pizza Hut

-Best Buy

What’s the Deadline?

Submit your blog or essay by midnight (MT) on Wednesday, May 9.

How Do I Submit A Blog/Essay?

Email your submission—which should be between 150-450 words– to The submission e-mail must include the contestant’s age, first and last name, e-mail address and phone number. It’s also helpful if you include a physical address.

Who’s Eligible to Participate?

High school and college students who, as of the date of entry, are at least 13 years old and under the age of 25.

Each blog/writing sample must be submitted under one person’s name—and only that person will receive the prize if selected as a winner. Group entries are not permitted.

What are the Contest Guidelines?

The blog/writing sample should be at least 150 words, but no longer than 450 words.

Winners will be selected based on their ability to best communicate one or more of the following themes/components:

 A description of how you promoted and participated in the Day of Dialogue event—either as an individual and/or alongside other friends, student members of a Christian club, Bible study or church youth group.

 A description of how you used the tools on the Day of Dialogue Web site—such as online banner graphics, T-shirts, posters, videos, articles, etc—to promote and participate in the event at your school.

An explanation of how you got “the conversation started” about the importance of Day of Dialogue themes at your high school or college.

 A description of what participating in the Day of Dialogue event meant personally to you and your friends.

 A description of how the Day of Dialogue event helped you grow spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

 A description of why you think this event is important to students and why others should participate in future years.

 Discuss why you think Day of Dialogue’s “Get the Conversation Started” theme and idea of a student-initiated dialogue emphasizing the fact that God cares—about our relationships, our sexuality & our souls—is important.

 Give examples of how students at your school shared with classmates the message that God loves and cares about them–and communicated a Biblical perspective about God’s design for marriage and sexuality in a loving and grace-filled way.

 Reflect in your writing sample the Day of Dialogue theme of students modeling the spirit of Jesus Christ—who didn’t back away from sharing truth, but neither backed away from pouring out love and compassion for hurting & vulnerable people.

Describe how you and other students used the Day of Dialogue Conversation Cards to help start a respectful dialogue at school in a way that was not disruptive of academic or classroom instruction.

Describe how the Day of Dialogue helped Christian students think about/discuss taking the lead in standing up against bullying in their school.

 Explain how the Day of Dialogue event/resources helped you address one or more of the questions featured in the slide show on the Day of Dialogue website:

-Does God really care about my relationships, hopes and struggles?

-What does the Bible really say about things like sex and marriage?

-How do I stick up for students being bullied?

-What does it really mean to share truth in love?

-How do I speak up for God’s word in my own voice?

Note: All entries should reflect standards of tastefulness, decency and a spirit of respect and love for God’s Word and other people, in addition to support of Day of Dialogue’s mission and themes.

Click here for official rules.

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