Does God Really Care?

By Katie, 17, Colorado high school student

Katie is the First Place winner of the 2012 Day of Dialogue® student blog-writing contest. Below is her winning entry:

Does God really care about my relationships, hopes, and struggles?

This question really struck me this year as I prepared for the Day of Dialogue. I had been thinking of this event as a chance for me to share with other people the truth of God’s love and what His Word says about real life issues. It had never crossed my mind that I might have something more to learn while I was sharing with others. But here’s the deal – God always has something new to teach us.

Especially throughout high school, hormones are running rampant. Relationships become a big deal. Our dreams fade and change. We face drama with friends, teachers, boyfriends, girlfriends… It’s a lot to deal with for someone who hasn’t even lived two decades yet. And through all of this craziness, it’s easy to feel alone. We often don’t realize that in trying to deal with our problems, we’re pushing God to the back burner, and refusing His help when He’s the one we most need. GOD CARES. He always wants what’s best for us. Sometimes that involves pain, drama, and an awful lot of change, but it all turns out exactly the way He plans it.

When you realize that, you can find peace even when your life turns stormy. We can’t afford to leave God in the background. He should be in the forefront of our lives, because He’s the one we’re living for! The truth is, His word will always give us the hope and peace we need, even if it comes in the form of something less than pleasant at first.

Knowing this, why wouldn’t we want to share His truth with everyone? There are people who don’t even know God loves them, let alone has a specific plan for them, and cares for every aspect of their lives. Granted, there are also people who think they know better, and try to come up with different plans for their lives, but they’re setting themselves up for failure. We shouldn’t judge those people; we should share with them the hope our God has so graciously given to us all.

God cares. He cares about each and every one of us. Whether it’s those of us who believe in Him, or the people still lost, struggling to find some hope in their everyday lives–He loves us and wants the best for us. Sharing this fact should be something we long to do, and it shouldn’t be difficult; give God absolute control, and He’ll take care of the rest.



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