Speaking up for Biblical Values

By Charlie, contributed as a 17-year-0ld Ohio high school student

Charlie won Second Place in a Day of Dialogue® student blog-writing contest. Below is his winning blog entry.

The Day of Dialogue has been a great avenue for students to advance biblical values that would otherwise continue to diminish from American culture. This year’s “presponse” has been successful in addressing the policy of silence too often promoted by those who claim to be just about fighting bullying. Students, whether participating in the event or not, are increasingly realizing that the fundamental Christian principles of love and compassion promoted by Jesus Christ are making a comeback in public schools across this great land – the land that was directly influenced by Judeo-Christian teachings.

It seems everywhere young Christians turn their values are being undermined in the name of “tolerance.” But isn’t it exciting and fulfilling to know that we don’t have to be silent any longer about the controversial issues affecting many Americans, young and old? Now less students will be confused about the message they may be receiving from those wishing to advance an anti-family agenda.

Students are now realizing that being quiet about a serious issue is not going to solve it at all. The Day of Dialogue has made it clear that we can show love and kindness toward people who are confused and hurting without being silent about it. We can talk about God’s design for marriage, sexuality, and gender and address the causes and solutions to bullying at the same time.  The truth will flow forth when we can freely and deeply speak about God’s law and His design for human nature.

I predict that in future years, with more and more students joining the effort to speak on behalf of Christian values, that the Day of Dialogue will emerge as a monumental grassroots initiative that brings Judeo-Christian morals and traditional family ethics back to our nation that God has so blessed. Rather than be confused about marriage and sexuality, young people can look to spread the gospel that has proven to be the foundation of American law and social values. The fate of a civil and prosperous society depends on these ideals.

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