Don’t Let the Conversation Fall Apart

The conversation doesn’t have to stop on Day of Dialogue! You can keep the conversation going and continue sharing God’s love at your school in a lot of ways!

First, you can pass out conversation cards during free time or write down your favorite, encouraging Bible verse on a 3×5 index card to give to your friends and discuss during lunch time. Another idea for keeping the conversation going is start a Christian club at your school and invite fellow classmates to go!

Sharing God’s love doesn’t have to be complicated either. Spread His love by eating lunch with someone who usually eats alone or say something affirming in public to someone at your school who is bullied or made fun of. There are endless possibilities for sharing God’s love at your school – you just have to look for them!

Find more ideas for keeping the conversation going all year long at your school here and don’t forget that you can share God’s love every day of the week at your school!

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