A Day of Dialogue Update

The purpose of Day of Dialogue is to empower Christian students to have a place at the table and an equal opportunity to share their perspective in a loving and respectful manner—especially when hot-button topics like bullying, homosexuality, same-sex marriage or gender identity are being discussed at their school.

The initiative has become a well-established, go-to resource for students, with at least 25,000 students choosing to participate each year. So in an effort to better serve and empower participants—and help continue the initiative’s growth—we will be leaving it open for individual students to choose the date that works best for them for organizing a Day of Dialogue in their individual schools. The free-speech tools and guides remain available on the Day of Dialogue website, but students will have flexibility on determining which specific day during the school year to use them and to lead activities.

Allowing flexibility for students in this way has become even more necessary as the promotion of sexual advocacy in schools has increased and become more aggressive in many communities. Now, instead of just one or two days devoted to sexual advocacy, many schools have several days—or even weeks—of celebrations and promotions set aside for these topics. And all too often, these promotions are conducted in a one-sided manner that demonstrates disrespect for—or even openly ridicules—biblically based viewpoints.

That’s why Day of Dialogue remains dedicated to empowering student-initiated, free-speech conversations about the fact that God cares about our lives, our relationships and our sexuality. Focus on the Family will continue sponsoring the initiative for the purpose of equipping and supporting Christian students who have a heart for sharing Christ’s love and a biblical perspective on current-day issues with classmates. Learn more, by visiting our  frequently asked questions section on the Day of Dialogue website.

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