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Welcome! Wondering what the Day of Dialogue’s all about? In short, it’s a free-speech initiative that creates a safe place for public school students to exercise their religious freedoms and express their deeply held Christian beliefs in a loving and respectful manner.

As a student at a public school or college, do you wish your classmates  and friends could hear more of the story—like the truth about God’s deep love for us and what the Bible really says about His redemptive design for human beings and BringYourBible-ForIAmNotAshamedimagerelationships? Wouldn’t it be nice if a deeper and freer conversation could happen when current-day topics—especially subjects that delve into faith and God’s design for us—are brought up in your school? The good news is, it can—and that’s where Day of Dialogue comes in.

First, read our latest 2018 Update on Day of Dialogue! Then, get your free guides now and make plans to participate in your school or college!

This initiative provides a place at the table for Christian students to express a biblical perspective in a loving and respectful way—especially when topics like marriage and sexuality are being discussed on their campus.

Rather than emphasizing silence, this initiative encourages open dialogue. Focus on the Family firmly believes that the truth will rise to the surface when honest conversations are allowed to happen. The Day of Dialogue gives you, as a student, the opportunity to express the true model presented by Jesus Christ in the Bible—who didn’t back away from speaking truth, but neither held back in pouring out His incredible, compassionate love for hurting and vulnerable people. His example calls us to stand up for those being harmed or bullied while offering the light of what God’s Word says. And this initiative gives you a chance to express this balanced perspective in a loving and peaceful way.

You can also join us on our Facebook page to get updates on these events, as well as to check out students’ feedback and interact with Day of Dialogue fans.  Even after the events, you can still keep the conversation going at your school and in your neighborhood with the D.O.D. Weekly Challenges and teen-friendly articles and accompanying conversation-starter questions.